Someone does care.

Anonymous asked:
I just read your rapist information reblog and... I think I'm just going to stay in my house now...

Haha, it scared me too when I first read’s ironic how I was in my house when it happened to me but I actually learned a lot just by reading that ! Everyone needs to read it.

I’m so happy to honestly say “I’m happy.” :)

You never fail to confuse the shit out of me with every word you say and everything you do

My mom just got her second laser eye surgery. She can’t see or move for the time being so I’m doing everything for her, getting her medicine, eyedrops, feeding her, making sure she’s alright. She’ll be fine soon but playing nurse for my mom today made me think about how other people have to go through worse every day. Seeing your parent so weak, doing everything you possibly can to help but you still feel like you’re doing them no good. Witnessing them become weaker and weaker. God bless all of you out there that have health issues or are close to people with health problems.

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